Seek operation control system for auxiliary storage device



PURPOSE:To prevent an input and output request accompanying a positioning operation in a long distance from being positioned at the tail of an input and output queue, and an access from not being operated for a long time by decreasing a positioning distance to an auxiliary storage device, and shortening an inputting and outputting time. CONSTITUTION:A queue managing means 3 accepts the input and output request from an input and output accepting means 1, and registers it in a queue 2-1 according to the priority. An input and output request issuing means 4 issues the input and output request to an auxiliary storage device 10 in the priority order from a queue 2-2 whose processing order is already replaced by an instruction from the queue managing means 3. An auxiliary storage managing means 5 fetches the position information of a reading and writing mechanism on a medium through the input and output request issuing means 4, and allows a main storage device 11 to store it. When the final input and output request is processed, the queue managing means 3 reads the position information of the reading and writing mechanism through the auxiliary storage managing means 5, rearranges the processing order of the queue 2-1 sequentially from the request near the position of the reading and writing mechanism on the medium, and outputs an issuing instruction to the issuing means 4.
(57)【要約】 【目的】補助記憶装置に対するアクセス効率を向上させ る。 【構成】待ち行列管理手段3の指示により、入出力要求 発行手段4は処理順番置換済みの待ち行列(仮に2−2 とする)から優先度順に入出力要求を補助記憶装置10 に対して行う。入出力要求が行われる時、補助記憶管理 手段5は入出力要求発行手段4を介して、読み書き機構 の媒体上の位置情報を受けとり、主記憶装置11に記憶 させる。一番最後の入出力要求が入出力要求発行手段4 によって処理される時、待ち行列管理手段3は補助記憶 管理手段5を介して読み書き機構の媒体上の位置情報を 読み取り、この位置情報をもとに待ち行列置換手段6に 指示して待ち行列2−1の処理順序を読み書き機構の媒 体上の位置に近い要求から順に並べかえて入出力要求発 行手段4に出力指示を出す。




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