Tree growing method



PURPOSE: To improve the growing of trees by applying an RFPL method to a tree sample selected from many trees so as to evaluate the degree of gene propriety from this data so as to attain efficient crossing and branching. CONSTITUTION: An RFPL method (restriction fragment length polymorphism method) is applied to a tree sample selected from a plural number of trees to display information obtained from the RFLP method to be a genetic characteristic layer. The level of the layer includes a plural number of groups, and two trees, which are genetically close to each other and one of which is not closely related with a tree in another group and is relatively provided with genetic variety, among the trees in each group are selected to lead out another tree from the two selected trees.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 遺伝子多様性に基づいて樹木を選定でき、効 率の良い交配または分枝化を達成することで、樹木の生 育を向上せしめうる育成方法が提供される。 【構成】 多数本の樹木から選んだ樹木試料にRFLP 法を適用し、RFLPデータから遺伝子適性の度合を評 価する樹木の育成方法。




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