Broadcast receiver



PURPOSE:To improve the operability of channel selection by reading the program registered corresponding to the designated reception area and implementing the reception processing and the display processing to a relevant program. CONSTITUTION:A broadcast radio wave such as a teletext or a general broadcast is received by a reception means 2 and a channel selection means 3 extracts a broadcast signal. A broadcast signal selected by the channel selection means 3 is subject to signal processing and outputted from an output means 10 and a broadcast program is stored in a reception information storage means 12 as district depending reception information. When a reception district is designated by a district selection key, a channel selection control means 11 reads the district depending reception information corresponding to the designated reception district from the reception information storage means 12 and controls the channel selection means 3 to select automatically the broadcast program corresponding to the designated reception district. Thus, when the reception state is deteriorated through change in the reception district by the movement, the receivable program is selected automatically by having only to designate the new reception district.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 地域ごとに受信可能な番組を登録することに より、地域を指定することで、受信可能な番組を自動選 局し、選局の操作性を向上させることを目的としてい る。 【構成】 放送地域が変化し、受信状況が悪くなると、 放送内容に対応した項目及び受信地域を指定する。項目 及び受信地域が指定されると(ステップP1)、メモリ から選択された項目について、指定された受信地域に対 応して登録されている番組を読み出し(ステップP 2)、該当する番組の受信処理及び表示処理を行なう (ステップP3)。




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