Heat-absorption/heat build-up module



(57)【要約】 【構成】 電極2a,2b を介してn形とp形の合金チップ 6,7 の両端を交互に連続して接合し、一方の電極2a側に 基板1を設け、他方の電極2b側に熱交換部3を有する熱 交換機本体1bを設けている。 【効果】 吸熱または発熱の移動が極めてスムースにな り、モジュール本来の性能を引き出すことが可能とな る。
PURPOSE:To enable heat transfer for absorbing heat to be performed smoothly by joining both edges of n-type and p-type alloy chips alternately and continuous ly through an electrode, providing a substrate at one electrode side, and then providing a heat exchanger main body with a heat-exchange part at the other electrode side. CONSTITUTION:When a DC current is allowed to flow from a lead wire 8a to a lead wire 8b, current flows in the order of an electrode 2b, an n-type chip 6, an electrode 2a, a p-type chip 7, and the electrode 2b, thus enabling a heat- absorption part and a heat build-up part to be generated, where a heat-exchange part 3 is dipped at a stainless container 31 which houses water 30 and a flange 5 is clamped by a screw 33 and a nut 34 through a packing 32. Also, a cooling fin 29 is mounted to a module substrate 1 so that heat which is absorbed from the water 30 by the heat-exchange part 3 to be dissipated from the cooling fin 29. Therefore, contact heat transfer resistance due to mounting of a module is eliminated, heat absorption or heat build-up transfer can be smoothly made, and a performance of the module itself can be fully utilized.




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