Production of color filter



PURPOSE:To ensure uniform tight adhesive property between a transparent substrate and colored picture elements and to stably obtain a high quality color fitter by treating the surface of the substrate with a primer soln. contg. a specified compd., forming a prescribed colored layer on the treated surface and further forming a transparent resin layer on the surface of the colored layer. CONSTITUTION:The surface of a transparent substrate is treated with a primer soln. contg. a compd. represented by the formula, a prescribed colored layer having a multicolored pattern is formed on the treated surface and a transparent resin layer is further formed on the surface of the colored layer. In the formula, R is 1-5C alkoxysilylpropyl and (m) is an integer of 3-200. The compd. represented by the formula is alkoxysilylpropylpolyethyleneimine and concrete examples of the compd. include trimethoxysilylpropylpolyethyleneimine and dimethoxy-methylsilylpropylpolyethyleneimine. Such a compd. is diluted with an org. solvent to prepare the primer soln.
(57)【要約】 【構成】透明基板にアルコキシシリルプロピルポリエチ レンイミンを含んでなるプライマ液で表面処理を施した 後、その上に所定の着色層を形成し、次いでその表面に 透明樹脂層を形成するカラーフィルタの製造方法であ る。 【効果】本発明によれば、カラーフィルタ用透明基板と 着色画素の間で、均一で強固な接着性を得ることがで き、高品質のカラーフィルタを安定して得ることができ る。




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